Detroit Photographic Company

Roy Feldman • Photographer • Videographer

I am a editorial, event, documentary photographer and videographer working in the Detroit area. My commercial clients include the Ford Motor Company, General Motors, the Detroit Free Press, Detroit Public Television, PBS, the Kresge Foundation and the US Department of Energy. I co-produce the DPTV (PBS) program "Detroit Performs" an Emmy winning weekly television magazine. I have been the "official" photographer for the North American Auto Show, SAE and the Ford Motor Company supplying deadline sensitive media to national outlets.

A Consequence of Violence

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He's always asking what's wrong and every time I say “nothing”. 
When he broke my rib last year he asked “what's wrong” and I say “nothing’” 
It's a little game we play where we both aren't monsters pretending to be people. 
Where he says he doesn't remember last night and I say me neither...we lie.

A fictional tale by Danielle Amí Étienne based on her reality.Thanks to Danielle Amí Étienne, writer & poet